Course programme

3rd Nordic Symposium on Cardiac CT

- Faculty and Final Programme:

Stephan Achenbach, Germany;  Koen Nieman, Holland; Jonathon Leipsic, Canada; 

Guy Weigold, USA; Juhani Knuuti, Finland; Gudrun Feuchtner, Austria; Ricardo Cury, USA.


Thursday June 6, 2013:

9-9:15   Welcome

State of The Art: The Perfect Cardiac CT Scan in 2013:

9:15-9:35            Update on Equipment, Reconstruction Technique, and Software - Guy Weigold

9:35-9:55          The Perfect Team - and Perfect Patient Preparation - Koen Nieman

9:55-10:15        Radiation Dose &  Non-Cardiac Findings - Jonathon Leipsic

10:15-10:45        Coffee

Diagnostic Accuracy and Prognosis:

10:45-11:15        Current Accuracy and Outcome Data for Coronary CTAs - Koen Nieman

Therapy Based on Coronary CTA?

11:15-11-45        CT Quantitative Approaches: QCA; FFR; Transluminal Attenuation Gradient; a. o. - Jonathon Leipsic

11:45-12:15        Beyond Stenosis:  Plaque Characterization and Calcium Scoring - Koen Nieman

12:15-13:15        Lunch

Read With The Experts 2013:

13:15-14:15        Read With The Experts: CORONARY CASES I - Weigold (Philips); Kristensen (Toshiba); Nieman (Siemens); Leipsic (GE)

14:15-14:45:       Coffee

Game Changers in Cardiac CT 2013:

14:45-15:15:       Perfusion and Other Novel Techniques/Hybrid Imaging - Juhani Knuuti

15:15-15:45:       Imaging Anatomy versus Ischemia - Ricardo Cury

Contemporary Controversies in Cardiac CT 2013:

15:45-16:15        Top Ten Applications for Cardiac CT - Stephan Achenbach

Kronborg Castle & Symposium Dinner:

17:15-19:45        Bus to Hamlets Castle, Kronborg 

19:45                  Symposium Dinner at Konventum           


Friday, June 7, 2013:

Other Indications for Cardiac CT 2013:

9:00-9:30:          TAVR  - Jonathon Leipsic

9:30-10:00          Pre- and Post Revascularization - Stephan Achenbach

10:00-10:30        Valvular Disease and GUCH - Gudrun Feuchtner

10:30-11:00        Coffee

Read With The Experts 2013:

11:00-12:00        Read With The Experts: NON-CORONARY CASES - Weigold (Philips); Leipsic (GE); Feuchtner (Siemens); Kristensen (Toshiba)

12:00-13:00        Lunch   

13:00-14:00        Read With The Experts: CORONARY CASES II (Pre- and Post Revascularization) - Achenbach (Siemens); Cury (GE);  Kristensen (Toshiba);  Weigold (Philips)

Latest Science:

14:00-14:30        Top Ten Papers of the Past 12 Months - Ricardo Cury

 14:30-15:00       Current Guidelines and a Glimpse into the Future - Stephan Achenbach